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The traditional chateau winery has devoted a further exciting chapter a few years ago - the creation of exclusive KŒNIGSEGG Gin. Over a period of several years the team worked meticulously to develop the internal method and the interaction of the individual components that characterize KŒNIGSEGG Gin and make it a unique taste experience. In the castle distillery the ingredients are checked according to the strictest standards for quality and suitability.

The color clear KŒNIGSEGG Gin fulfils the nose with a balanced fragrance that discloses a variety of pleasant and warm aromas. Here meet prominent juniper berries and characteristic, refreshing citrus flavors that are discreetly supported by the other botanicals. The 45% alcohol content looks rather mild. On the palate, the gentleness and the components perceived in the nose continue. There are also gentle and allspice notes herbal and slightly floral nuances. The flavors remain present long and thus continue the impression of a full-bodied, complex Gin. Highly recommended is the enjoyment of the KŒNIGSEGG Gin neat or with a discreet and tonic or a slice of cucumber. The sharp citrus note of KŒNIGSEGG Gin raises summer feelings.

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