Method of payment

Orders will be handled exclusively through purchase on account. If you buy on invoice, the billing amount is due immediately after receipt of goods. The customer will find all the necessary information about his invoice in the e-mail confirmation. There are no fees for the purchase of payment on account. The customer is obligated to remit his payment to AFW Austrian Fine Wine free of charge to the account of AFW Austrian Fine Wine.

Credit check

AFW Austrian Fine Wine reserves the right to conduct a credit check and possibly change the payment method to cash in advance. AFW Austrian Fine Wine examine and evaluate the data provided by the customer and cultivates possibly exchange data with external credit agencies. The check whether the customer purchase may be granted on account is made individually for each order. Therefore, it is possible that under this data verification, the payment is rejected on account of the purchase only after placing an order. In this case the customer receives an e-mail with the request to make the payment of the order by payment in advance. AFW Austrian Fine Wine has no obligation of any decision basis for prepayment announce.

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